Southwest Credit

Southwest Credit is a full service financial company with access to several funds. We specialize in financing short term revolving credit lines, structured asset based financing, factoring and equipment leasing. Southwest Credit is an excellent complement to your first floor bank financing, as it enhances and increases your borrowing capabilities.

Southwest Credit has been in operation since 1998 and can service all states. Our company prides itself in fulfilling financial needs that not too many lenders like to serve, due to industry risk or particular company financial situation. We currently service for profit and not for profit businesses and organizations.

Southwest Credit through, its sister company Southwest Business Solutions; can offer full Financial and Administrative Management Services to its clients in all industries. Through this service, a client may partially or completely outsource their financial and administrative functions to Southwest Business Solutions - a professional partner, save from 20% to 45% in tangible and intangible costs (of what it would have cost them to do these functions in-house), have current and accurate data at all times to make the right decisions and focus on what they do best, their operations and servicing their clients.

SOUTHWEST CREDIT · 13750 San Pedro · Ste. 150 · San Antonio, TX 78232 · Phone: (210) 490-7355 · Toll Free: (866) 771-8433 · Fax: (210) 568-2114

Southwest Credit has been funding small and medium size businesses nationwide since 1998. Southwest Credit funds all industries, including medical. Southwest Credit funds for profit and not for profit businesses and organizations.

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